Welcome To The New DC2600

By 1nt3l

Welcome all to the new DC2600. We are here to give you pieces and snippets of information from out daily perusal of the web. If we see it and find that is would be useful to our readers, we will pass it on. The first topic is web safety. We all have come to feel that out correspondence is safe from prying eyes. With all the disclosures about NSA snooping and the complicity of the internet service providers, that feeling of safety is not justified. It is time for you to do more than just run an antivirus software and use a firewall. You need to do more. However, doing more may well mark you as an extremist. A large target is therefore planted squarely on your forehead just for ensuring you right to be free from unreasonable searched and seizures.

There is software available to create secure email correspondence that will decrease the Governments ability to violate your rights. One such software, The Reset the Net Privacy Pack, contains software that will help you secure your correspondence, both on your pc and your phone, from illegitimate prying eyes. You can access Reset the Net here. You may ask, who is behind Reset The Net? The answer reads like a Who’s Who of the tech world, including Google, reddit, Twitter, Yahoo, Dropbox, and Mozilla. In addition, Civil Rights companies are on board, including but not limited to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the ACLU, and Amnesty International.

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